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Thursday, 09 December 2010 08:23

As a first step towards the development of analyticial, structural, and critical thinking, cMinds aims to demonstrate basic programming concepts and then engage learners in synthesizing the solution to logical problems through visual programming.





The programming constructs to which learners are exposed include:

  • Conditionals
  • Loops and
  • Switches

The learning activities selected for helping children build analytical thinking skills are based on classic algorithmic solving approaches including divice-and-conquer, reduce-and-conquer, and brute force.

Rather than promoting the development of digital skills, the cMinds learning activities promote logical thinking. Once leaners become familiar with programming constructs, they are exposed to the following exercises:

  • A math activity in which learners apply estimation to help grasp the concepts behind subtraction
  • The "Eggs" activity, a classic pattern matching problem in which learners are encouraged to put decorated eggs into boxes demonstrating the same pattern
  • The "Friezes" activity, in which learners are encourage to discover series of patterns of geometrical shapes such as rectangles, triangles, and polygons in a line of shapes
  • The "Santa Claus" activity, a typical divide-and-conquer exercise in which learners must discover among otherwise identical present packages the one that is heavier becaust it contains Santa's dirty socks by accident; learners are encouraged to solve the problem through a loop by weighing two packages at a time
  • The "Santa Claus Returns" activity, where learners are encourage to apply a more efficient solution that minimizes the number of wheighs by dividing the packages in two piles and weighing the piles against each other
  • The "Juggs" problem, in which learners are encourage to fill a 7lt jug with two jugs, one with capacity 4lt and one with capacity 2lt
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