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Wednesday, 08 December 2010 11:52

cMinds’s multidisciplinary nature offers inherent innovation that can be identified in the following:

(i) Bringing focus on skills currently under-exploited in primary school, and specifically analytical and creative thinking, and proposing didactical methods for enhancing existing activities on the development of basic learning skills

(ii) Introducing an innovative combination of didactical methodologies and supporting technology for building analytical skills among the targeted age group, increasing motivation, and tying education to future professional needs

An analysis of school programs in a number of European countries shows that analytical thinking development lags behind needs in elementary school. Only later in life does analytical thinking begin to come into play in certain subject areas in high school. Among young children, the teaching of subject areas that could contribute to analytical thinking, such as math, mostly focuses on necessary processing skills, e.g. performing arithmetic operations, and much less to developing a critical mind. Similarly, in the rare cases that programming is used in elementary school education, the children are involved with “how to” skills on specific operations.

cMinds is innovative in not only on bringing to the foreground analytical thinking skills learning activities early in life, but in introducing specific, innovative didactical approaches that complement related existing school curricula and increase children’s motivation. Visual programming is seen as a tool for developing an analytical mind through its structural and precise nature. Inquiry and project-based learning activities use graphical on-line applications that build on a child’s curiosity and motivate children by selecting themes that are close to life, narrowing the interest gap observed between boys and girls on science subjects. Finally, “early results” small steps allow children to build confidence through success motivating further engagement.

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